podcast reflection

hello my name is Maia and Im going to tell you about doing podcasting with my friend Emma.


the name of the book was drama diaries unfamous  here is a picture



what I thought about  podcasting 


podcasting in class was really fun I enjoyed  it a lot  the book was great. Talking about the book with my friend was really enjoyable because  we didn’t really have a script we could say almost anything we wanted as long as it was related with the book.



what went well


doing it was pretty easy the second time doing it .wile doing the podcasting we didn’t really have to take a long tame retaking

recordings witch was great .



what I  enjoyed 


I really enjoyed  it because  reading the book was fun and then talking about it was even more fun.

I enjoyed being able to spend time with my friend





Innovation day

Hi its me Maia and I’m going to talk about my innovation day

Science bits!




hypothesis video.




procedure video


Final video:

Self assessment + reflection





I really liked that we could  create  castles 🏰 with partners i also really liked learning about pulleys and gears by actually using them, what I didn’t like was that we didn’t always have the things we needed like when me and my friend were trying to make a moat but could not fix  it was also harder with not going to the  maker space it was much harder finding space

stop motion project.

Hello, today I’m going to tell you about our stop motion film.\I was working with Starielle Jonasp2 NathanL18.


The first thing we were asked to do was to a booklet about stop motion before we did any filming. This was the first sheet of work I did.🦄

This was when we chose what scene to do.⬇️

this is when we were planning what to film.⬆️


This is when we were coming up with the script.⬇️



This is when we were coming up with the set.⬆️

And this is our stop motion movie.

please watch.

his is my self assessment \ it got a bit messy.

this is the other side of my self assessment \ it is a bit les messy.


my self reflection \what went well what would you do different next time. 🐼


I really thought that making the stop motion movie was really fun. I think that making  the bears the trees and roz went well. Next time I would want a bit of a smaller group because it got kind of overwhelming.

Indigenous Project / Reflection.

Hi it’s Maia here and I’m talking about my Indigenous Project


First we all got  to pick partners, then we got really big pieces of paper. Me and my friend emmab18 were partners we picked a book about Mohawk. We grabbed a couple of markers and two pencils and read the entire book, once we finished reading we got to work. We had to put the Information from the book in our own words so that made it a bit harder. Once we finish doing it with pencil we did it in marker and this is what it looks like this ⬇️


hello its Maia  and I am going to tell you about sound.



sound are vibrations  and vibrations are sound waves. Sound waves are like the oceans waves sometimes at the beach the waves are small, same with sound waves when you speak softly the sound waves are small to, lets say you go to the beach the next day and the waves are bigger  its the same with sound waves again if you speak louder the sound waves are bigger.




a pitch is like volume, for example if someone said that is a high pitch sound it means it is a loud sound and if someone said that is a lo pitch sound it means it is a lo sound.  A dog whistle is a really high pitch higher than a human can hear.







vibrations are something called sound waves, for example  say hello in a high pitch  and wile you are doing it feel your neck it will probably feel like it is vibrating those are sound waves travelling through your throat but if you do the same thing but with a high pitch you will




echoes are sound waves that are bounced of an object.  for example if you have ever went in to the maker space you probably made an echoes ,it happens when you make a noise and it is bounces of  an object and in to are ears.


   sound proof rooms


sound proof rooms are designed to make sure there is no echo first learnt about the at a museum called the science and technology museum. If you ask a friend to go in and make a really loud sound maybe even ask them to scream and you step out of the room while they are yelling you might not even hear them at all that is because the sound waves did not bounce in to are ears cool right.



 how are ear works.      


project time.     (watch after experiment )

for the experiment we need

  1. tuning fork
  2. salt
  3. container
  4. saran rap
  5. elastic

first we grab are container and place it on the table, next we grab the saran rap and place it on top then we grab the elastic  then rap the elastic around the the container to make sure the saran rap stays is place then sprinkle salt on the  saran rap, then grab your  tuning fork and tap it on the table then move it really close to the saran rap (do not touch the saran rap)  and watch the salt move across the saran rap.



      reflection of science class.

  1. Science is going great. I love the activity we do.
  2.  I want to work on less talking with my friends.
  3. Science is going really well it is fun and are teacher is awesome
  4. In the future i would like to learn about animals and how they work.



Sience class/ light progect(first progect)

hey what`s up

first we did natral vs artificil light .

We had difrent light sorrces we had to put them in difrent boxes one said natral and one said artuficial light we had to put the light sorces in to the difrent boxes. it was fun!

     Next we did luminous VS non luminous,  We learnt what can  and what cannot make it’s own  light we did work sheets on that to.


After we talked about how light travels in water and on land in water light moves slower than on land so if you stick a pencil in water it looked bigger and it looks bent.On land light moves faster so the light moves in a strait line. we also talked about refracton refraction is  wen light is bended and dose not really move in a strait line.


   A couple days later we did a protect about what reflection is and what is a good reflector. Reflection is when light hits a serten kind of surface  and the light bounces off and on to another surface. For the project we grabbed a flash light and different surfaces and saw what cold reflect the flash lights ray of light. when we did it we saw that a miror is a  good reflector and so is aluminum foil.

  Next we talked about opaque translucent and transparent. We learnt what they are and what they do. We made little stane glass windows and watched a few videos about it too. It was fun learning about light  🙂

                     reflection of learning

I really like science, I like the activitys we do and the things we learn.

I would like to improve on focusing on my work insded of talking.

i would like to learn about animals in futer lesons.




One really hot and sunny day, I was really excited because school was over   and me and my Sister Noa  were going to the park with Eloise. My mom drove us after School and  It took about 15 minutes to get there. It was so hot  in the car I just could not waite. Before we went to the park we went to Tim Hortons to get a snack,We all got donuts. I thought it was really yummy so did Noa and Eloise. 

   When we got there we met up with my moms friend,while my mom was talking we all went right to the trees behind  the soccer field it was a bit far but as long as we could see the park we were fine.We went a bit farther, so Noa said we should go back.It was kind of annoying,we went to a bench near a little pond where we found ducks eating some stuff in the grass,I thought it was kinda cute.

   When we got there we met up with my moms friend,while my mom was talking we all went right to the trees behind  the soccer field it was a bit far but as long as we could see the park we were fine.We went a bit farther, so Noa said we should go back.It was kind of annoying,we went to a bench near a little pond where we found ducks eating some stuff in the grass,I thought it was kinda cute.

We started backing up because we were a bit nervous.  Then they started to follow us. I was kinda scared so I started to run away. Then Noa and Eloise started to get scared too! So we all stopped running and we saw that they wanted food but we were not allowed to feed them because we all saw a sign  that said Don’t Feed the Animals!

   Then we saw that we could feed them grass so we all grabbed grass and fed them a lot of it. I was so happy,until a Goose started to follow us too, then we got really scared. We all started to run until we saw that the goose went away. We had a bit more fun until I got a bit bored,we went back to the park to tell my mom, on the way we met Lyla we told her about the ducks then my mom. We played with lyla for a bit then I  was just so tired, and so were Noa and Eloise! We got in the car and we drove all the way to Eloise’s house. We all said goodbye, then me and my sister went home too.



Cheetahs are the best animals ever.

They are the fastest animals on land.

Cheetahs have very strong back legs, And a flexible spine.

They live in Africa and are very low in numbers. Did you know in Egypt people used to keep cheetahs as pets for hunting and how beautiful they are.cheetahs are apart of a family of big cats including lions tigers leopards jaguars ocelots cougars panthers and even are pet cats. Cheetahs live in grasslands to hunt easily